Inzana Lake Lodge is located outside of Fort Saint James. To get to Fort Saint James, take Highway 16 to Vanderhoof and turn off onto Highway 27 a little West of Vanderhoof. When Highway 27 enters Fort Saint James it becomes Stuart Drive. Stay on the main road, bearing first left, then right as you go through Fort Saint James. On leaving Fort Saint James, Stuart Drive becomes the North Road.

Taking the Overwaitea market on the right side of Stuart Drive near the end of the business district as our starting point, in 6.6km (4 miles) the North Road crosses the railroad tracks, which are immediately followed by the intersection with the Tachie Road. The pavement ends here. One km (0.6 miles) further on the left is your last chance to eat out, the Whiskey Jack restaurant. Approximately 58km (36 miles) from Fort Saint James you will cross a bridge. Just after the bridge, you will see a sign for the lodge on the right side of the road:

At the next opportunity, in about 100 yards, turn left off the North Road.

The turn is marked by this sign, on the right side of the logging road. You can see it in the picture above.

Once you turn onto the logging road, stay on the main road - do not take any of the numerous turnoffs. In particular, do NOT take the branch marked Inzana South. Continue on the logging road for about 16.5 km (10 miles). You will then see a sign for the lodge on the right side of the road:

As indicated, turn left:

If you miss the turn, you will notice it because the road becomes rougher and rougher pretty quickly and because you will cross a couple of small bridges. There aren't any bridges once you turn off the logging road onto the the last stretch to the lodge.
Continue 2.6 km (1.6 miles) to the lodge. There are no further turnoffs, but about 1.6 km (1 mile) after you turn off the logging road, the road to the lodge bears fairly sharply to the right, as seen here:

In the daylight it should be clear that the road bears right, but at night this may not be obvious since there is a clearing straight ahead.

You'll know you've arrived when you see this sign: